He painted the picture which is on the wall.

Luc thinks that she's Carole's girlfriend, but for Kathy, she's just a friend.

Would somebody look after him?

He had one daughter.

Actinium is a radioactive element.

Please accept my condolences!

I don't feel like running all the way to the station.

He's going to climb the ladder.

I will accept the work, provided you help me.

You've got to let me go.

It's probably just a coincidence.

Jwahar makes delicious cookies.

The game ended in a draw with a score 6-6.

The weather here is very unpredictable.

He is my brother, not my father.

That's an example taken from life. I like such examples.

I haven't spoken with him yet.

Sharada should be fired, too.

A developed perception of linguistic beauty is still lacking in her.

From the telecast this morning, I have learned to my shock that a big fire hit your area.

They had a duty.

I teach him English.


Could we speak French?


It was very dark.

She is particular about food.

Hotta and Frederick don't have much time to talk together. Their children are always demanding their attention.

I punished her.

She must be angry with me.

What a tacky idea!

I think Kylo looks better without makeup.

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Curse on all laws but those which love has made!

Go back home and call the police!

You're the best at what you do.

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Kusum waited for quite a while.

That won't work, trust me.

This climate is having a bad effect on your health.


The food is on the table.


Support this agency.

Every year my family visits Italy.

Broken test tubes, cracked beakers - the work of careless students in the laboratory.

Let's try that.

The party's over. You've got to go.

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I saw his car make a turn to the right.

"How was the test?" "I thought it wasn't too hard."

Are you going to buy that auto?

Don't touch it for a minute!

I want your opinion, too.

Niall thinks he's invincible.

Hilda needs to answer the question.


Even as we take new steps to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, we must also prepare for the impacts of a changing climate that are already being felt across the country.

We jog together.

They incited him to commit the crime.

Dan never handles his big hairy spider without a thick glove.

Amos biked 30 km to the store to buy strawberries for his pregnant wife.

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That's okay, take your time, I don't want to distract you from your work.

She's sweet and innocent.

He wins his arguments by logical reasoning.

I banged my elbow against the wall.

She thinks that she's the center of the universe.

The life of the prisoner and of his defenceless daughter is threatened by a diabolical plot.

Celeste felt both betrayed and humiliated.

If you work day and night, you will lose your health.

Sorry, I didn't want to scare you.


I found at my elbow a pretty girl.

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Lindsey has been through enough.


Trevor ran up the stairs towards Angela's office.


Everybody loves her.


I don't know Vincenzo, but I know his sister.

Keith is texting frantically on his phone.

His brother goes to school by bus.

You can try three times.

I think I've found something.

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I didn't know about her.

The children should go outside and play.

I'm a complete idiot.

You won't fool me with your flattery.

Luke felt very happy.

Don't forget to invite Carol.

My mother is always complaining about me.


If anyone is capable of doing it, Bill can.

Lloyd hasn't been working hard enough.

She was put in charge of the project, despite having zero leadership skills.

Hors d'oeuvre are small dishes served before a meal.

Explain it to me tomorrow.


I am eating.


We shot her.


I just figured out how to do it.

I can make that happen.

I've been working too much.

As it is, I can not pay you.

My canker hurts, so I can't really eat.

We should guard against traffic accidents.

Are you lying right now?

I didn't even get to use my knife.

He will do it.

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They got crushed.

There were no railroads in Japan at that time.

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.

The old belief is still widely current.

I'm ahead in my work.

As you wish!

Keep me updated.

Contact us to check availability.

I have a Canadian wife.

My family is not very large.

I won't put a pistol against anybody's chest in order to stay in Barcelona.

She can't come with us.

It's not possible that she understood you.


I expect him to come soon.

So he works at this factory, huh?

Manolis won't be allowed to leave.


I like to sleep-in on weekends.

I want Teruyuki to know the truth.

You're not going to catch them.


Learn a little at a time.


Please phone him.

He was in a terrible state.

Let us briefly recall an important result from group theory.

Remember to post the letters tomorrow.

I think we'll do better next time.

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Music at times is more like perfume than mathematics.

Natsume Soseki is one of the best writers in Japan.

It is almost ten o'clock.

Do not criticize anybody!

Sandip is quite a mischievous child.


I read the poem for my child.

The farmers didn't know what to do.

I never heard that joke before.


It's up to them now.


I deal with those kinds of problems every day.

I'll do anything for Josh.

I'd get a soup plate and then slide the glass very carefully over to the edge of the table, and let the water run into the soup plate - it doesn't have to run onto the floor.

Byron is a graduate student.

The teacup fell down and shattered.

I saw Kerry smile.

You seem to have thought of something else.


He forbore his anger.


We like her.

Masanobu has to make up his own mind.

We've got to help them.

Ramneek was so angry that he couldn't speak.

Who is responsible for high unemployment?

We'll stay with him.

I don't care what you thought.

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Interest in German is growing, particularly in China, India and Brazil.

Everyone remembers the happy days of his youth as his halcyon days.

I wonder if that's them.


Where are you taking him?


He is alert to every chance of making money.

The actress is running her lines.

Lex is going to be ready in just a minute.

To the devil with you!

Manuel isn't neat.

Look at me with your books closed.

Dan had no idea about what he was being accused of.


Who wants to play volleyball?

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It is impossible for me to get there before noon.


You're too little.

If you ask me, I don't agree with that.

We also failed to find gold in the brook.

Great Britain has two military bases in Cyprus.

I'm not going to pretend that didn't happen.

I need you to help me figure out what's happened.

He dropped a bunch of hard tasks on me.