I'll try not to fall asleep.

I wonder if he still likes Cathrin.

It is obvious that his condition has not worsened.

He was angry with his son.

Please "like" my page on Facebook.

They've come to make trouble.

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I will take care of you when you are old.

It's a ten-minute ride from here to the train station.

Rathnakumar was working very hard when I saw him.


No certainly wasn't at home when we went to visit him.

All of us like them.

Brendan did not raise his head.

I don't have time to help you with your homework.

Gregg kept a pair of rabbits for breeding.


I invited some friends for dinner. I hope you don't mind.

My neck snapped when my car was hit from behind.

Just buy him some candy.

Raghu is playing poker with his friends.

The German word "Scheibenwischer" means "windshield wiper".

I've already told Erwin that Robin is in the hospital.

Mayuko was reading and Meg was painting.

Harold stayed up all night. Now he's too tired to work.

The bad weather marred the ceremony.

The old man was sitting on a bench.

Micky put the coins into the box.

He bored me with his endless tales.

You need to calm down and pull yourself together.

The following is a summary of the President's speech.

Blake is now very angry with me.


I'm going to get rid of all this stuff.

Brodie, you look very sleepy.

One speech, one particular stance, one wrong statement can change everything all of a sudden.

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Unfortunately, that is true.

At first, I thought he was a teacher, but he wasn't.

She needs to lower her standards.

We love coming here.

You don't have to say another word.

Are you a smoker?

The boy pronounces the words well.


Where's the secret hiding place?


He was elected as chairman from among many candidates.


Mr. Gardiner left them soon after breakfast.

He lost the game.

The illustration shows the deep interior.

If only my thoughts were to come out of my mouth like a receipt being printed.

My little sister always tries to get a rise out of me but never succeeds.

We asked Hanako to play the piano.

I took an early flight home.


My friends went to the movies without me.

Do I need to leave immediately?

The "buddy system" is a way to stay safe while hiking in the woods, except when encountering pregnant bears, which eat for two or even three or four.

Your English has improved a lot.

We will be happy to help.

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Those people are dangerous.


What have they done to you?

The choice of place for holiday turned out to be a real bone of contention in their family this year.

There's not a cloud in the sky.


Eddy didn't actually see the accident.

She wiped her face with a handkerchief.

I must buy some milk.


What does she see in him?

At today's meeting almost everybody backed my plan.

So you can't help me?

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No, it isn't possible.


I no longer live here.

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We're psyched.


Carlos and Raja waited for the elevator together.

If you live to seek revenge, best dig a grave for two.

Do you know Georgian?

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I've already finished reading this book.


Have you ever been to Tokyo?


I don't want to get a haircut.

I am going to call on him tomorrow.

I remind you that you are still under oath.


Moe and Arlene are at the bar drinking.

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I met Thomas for the first time three months ago in Boston.

We're pretty good.

I have almost finished War and Peace.

Work is going well.

What makes you think I'll help you?

You're smaller than me.

Linda needs clothes.

I don't have a lot of time. Can you take care of it?

Marguerite has no idea where we are.

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Bernard isn't like me.

Sandip said he didn't know anyone who could speak French.

In your opinion, he does not make concrete and feasible proposals?

This is very frustrating.

I need you now more than ever.

China is an emerging market.

I don't want to kill you.

I think there's somebody following us.

Jin couldn't help but listen.

Did you get our package we sent you?

I came into the room to find him watching TV.


You shouldn't go out at night by yourself.


That's not always the case.

Do you want a lawyer?

Have we met before?

We knew we just couldn't give up.

He turned the table upside down.

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Other than the things I have just listed, nothing else has a given property.

Lucius has to go back to Boston tomorrow.

This problem bristles with difficulties both psychological and economical.

Mosur and Stevan have very eventful lives.

I like snow a lot.

Don't even think of asking me to let you date my daughter.

I disguised myself as a policeman.

I'm not naive, I'm just an optimist.

The boy pulled a knife out of his pocket and attacked a classmate.

Every one wants to live free from care.

I think of you, and I smile. Thank you for the memories which fill my heart to the brim with happiness.


Emmett stared at Moore intently.


I said maybe.

Do you want to go to the movies?

That's close enough.

Boys who love and take good care of their parents when they are old and sick, deserve praise.

Wolfgang looks like he's sleepy.


We need another plan.

I've just told you everything I know about that.

I couldn't go to work because I was sick.


She heaved her chest.


I saw five airplanes flying away like so many birds.

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I was fascinated by her performance.


Have you ever left your office open?

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No one has ever asked Dennis out on a date.

Christina said he was going to help Novorolsky.

I'm afraid my depth perception is very poor.

I pocketed my keys.

My evolved Time Ark will increase your abilities.

How long have you been down here?

Rathnakumar is way older than he looks.


We mean Hank no harm.

I knew the end was nigh.

The boys took off on their bicycles.

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He gave an explanation about why he had been absent.

Let's see what Steven wants.

Nara is a quiet and beautiful city.

She lived there by herself.

The gown is made of silk.

The kids were gone when I got home.

But we carried on without him.

The details aren't necessary.

Get lost, stupid jerk!


Pablo seems to be concentrating on something else.


I bought this suit just for this occasion.

Ice melts in the sun.

The scene brought her words home to him.

Why do you do that?

She is a dreamer.

He will come after all.

It reminds me of a certain someone...

We were unable to rescue her.

I think Pedro is too young to really understand women.

Thank you for telling me that.

I decided not to do it.


I think I may have to go to Boston next week.


The price was right.

She showered.

What were you doing down there?