Jamie has been captured by the enemy.

I suggest we wait for one more hour.

These students don't want to learn. They just want to enjoy themselves.

Kerry is growing a beard.

She died a few years ago.

She felt herself lifted up.

Your guess is entirely off the mark.

Could we discuss this later?

He is better today than yesterday.

Why would we want to punish you?

She emphasized the importance of education.

You seem happy today.

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The two of them struck up a friendship very quickly.

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Where's Laurie's house?


"I am not afraid," she said firmly, "and I will ask the angel to have mercy on you."

He who uncovers the most dies the fastest.

I always knew I was adopted.


You should ask Damone about all of this.

Keep an eye on my suitcase while I buy the tickets.

Donn divorced his wife last month.


I hear Mr Inoue has put up at that hotel.


Why don't you show it to me?


I bowed politely.

The police charged him with speeding.

It's been more than a month.

We'll find out what's happening.

She's a very good teacher.

They can make the same product much more cheaply.

A young dog is called a "puppy."

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I'll cook for you.


You need this.

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Let's not invite them.

My father is exact in money matters.

Get back in there.

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I've been shopping here for ages.


How could Kurt do such a thing?


Dan's completely off the wall; you can't predict what he's going to do next.

I can't be calm while talking about this.

It's been a terrible day.


He speaks Italian.


The whole area was flooded when the main burst.

You write a very good hand.

I'm tired because I walked too much.


So, you want her to come back immediately?

There are more ignorant people than wise people, and even in the wise people there is more ignorance then wisdom.

No matter what the difficulties, I was resolved to make an actress out of this woman.

This is not a video game. This is real life.

Written in plain English, the book is suitable for beginners.

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Faith is certainty without evidence.

Nothing holds more interest than the dialog between two silent lovers.

Lifeguards are very brave.

I have been honest with him.

The current federal policy prefers junk food to healthy food which we all need.

I missed the movie. Did you watch it?

Children are quick to accustom themselves to new surroundings.


Doctors should help the sick or injured person.

The deterioration of corporate earnings has yet to bottom out.

I wouldn't mind helping him.


I have a feeling that he knows the secret.

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I read the article.

This pizza is cold.

This problem is a rather difficult one.

Ken is the youngest of the four.

He's a self-made man.

Dwight enjoys a good challenge.

Tatoeba contains 10 000 Lojbanic sentences.

Ronni told me not to tell anyone.

I've probably heard of him somewhere.

I have an older brother who's the same age as you.

Have you been seeing a lot of him recently?

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Can you be a little more specific?

I'll have what he's having.

There is an urgent need for blood donations.

Our house has scaffolding around it this week, due to renovations.

Instead, he worked a switch that controlled his computer.

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Judging from what everyone says, it's the truth.

I am not frightened of anything.

Let Sridharan have it.

The apple fell!

Claudio renovated a house.

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All containing news of his concerts and various activities.

Barrio picked up the broken glass.

When are you going to tell me?


Straka is the best swimmer I know.

Dion asked Jacques if she wanted to ride his horse.

Plato thought that the universe was made up of triangles.


I tripped on a stone and twisted my ankle.

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You've kept secrets from me, haven't you?

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Down came the rain in torrents.


If time permits, I'll visit the museum.


I think Tony really enjoyed himself.

You're being too kind to me.

My house is designed so as to withstand an earthquake.

Her boyfriend's a nice lad.

The dogs are wet.

There is a traffic jam on the highway.

Why is anyone here?

I can't understand a word you're saying.

Was there much damage?

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There's someone for everyone.


This is OK.

Whose pizza is that?

You must go home.


Amy had mixed feelings.

Thanks for coming.

Curt is hot.

It was a controversial decision.

Amarth seemed to enjoy himself yesterday at the party.

Why do you always arrive late?

We've got someone else to do that.

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Are you taking notes?

Everybody's talking about what Brandi did.

Shh, you're speaking too loudly.


He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know.

The police surrounded the place where Kristin was hiding.

Phill believes whatever Hsi says.

None of the girls in my class are prettier than Linda.

Cut 1/3 off each potato lengthwise. Scoop flesh from each potato to within about 1/8 inch of the skins. Transfer flesh to a bowl.

It took a week for Jane to get over her cold.

What else you got going on ?

Feeling himself insulted, he got angry.

Terry kept me waiting for half an hour.

I thought Kyung and Prakash were twins.

That flower tried to attack me.

"Jim was able to convince Bret to help." "How did he do that?"

He picked out some important idioms.

What you need is a good night's sleep.

He's the head of marketing for the perfumes line.


Soldering SMT components requires a bit more experience than soldering through-hole components.

Kieran was very proud of that.

Education should not be a burden on the parents as well as on the children.


They invited me back again.

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Bert shifted gears.


Let's all do it.

The price of oil went down.

I spent two hours playing the piano.


Nara is rich in National Treasures and Important Cultural Assets.

The sun is white.

I had a lot of difficulty getting in touch with her.

I'm paid enough.

With regard to our appointment on February 27, I regret to inform you that I will not be able to keep it because my business trip schedule has been changed.

I've always been a salesman.

We ourselves have to be responsible for the earth.

Were you on the train?

I wrote it for them.

It seems to run in the family.

I hope Adrian will understand me.

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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.


Her voice could be heard well.

How could that be important?

I'm ordering a steak. I suggest you do the same.


I think it's time for us to go.

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Bananas are a good source of potassium.

They interpret ambient electronic music.

I'm glad to see that today is such a beautiful day.

Casey is very inventive.

Ricky came home very tired this afternoon.