Tears ran down my face.

Everybody knows what he wants, but not everyone knows what he can.

How much money does a basement window like that cost?


Why don't you let Perry go?

According to a survey, 1 thousand million people are suffering from poverty in the world.

We're going home.

Who wrote that song you just sang?

What makes this one special?

The boy I thought was honest deceived me.

In many countries today there is a problem of violence.


I'll call Joon and tell him we won't be coming.


He thanked the host for the very enjoyable party.


I have no idea where Leslie hid the money.


My mother goes to the market every day to buy things.

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All I can do is to give her advice.

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He was able to reduce taxes.

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He saw the picture clearly.


Kyoto is the former capital of Japan.

I'll be good to Josip.

Are you telling me I'm stuck here with you?

What do you believe of "pelmeni"? No, I don't know such word.

Are you aware of the risks?

Karl is back in his apartment.

I don't know everybody in this school.

You're right on time.

He contributed fifty dollars to the project.

In many places in China, there were temples of the dragon-king.

I wish my parents would let me do that.

It's still a little cold in Boston.

Tomas changed the future.

It's a really good feeling.

They made me swear not to say anything.

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There are many commercial firms in New York.

The doctor will be with you in a minute.

Nathaniel thought it over.

There was a phone call from a 50-year old man who had been told he had a year left to live due to heart disease.

Sho suddenly slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting a dog.

It's a good day to be homeless.

Roderick comes here every few days.

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I don't know what I thought.

It's nearly three o'clock.

Are you saying it's not safe here?


This cork will not come out.

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They're tired of not doing anything.

The attendance at the party was larger than had been expected.

Gregor let Elaine play his guitar.

They didn't touch anything.

He gave a positive answer to my question.


I'll buy the wine and the apple juice.


In my opinion, we need to diversify our assets.

I couldn't find my wallet.

Although the controls were locked, a key had been placed in a sealed envelope in case an emergency situation made it necessary for Gagarin to take control of the spacecraft.

We are glad to help you.

The village is beyond those trees.

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Antony is not proud of his past.

I'll sell the jewelry to customers.

I know everything that you've done.

He managed to get himself promoted last week.

I'm afraid for his life.

My sisters have the same color eyes.

Where is the sun?


Page is more likely to help than Teri is.


If you believe that by insulting you would solve the problem of fishermen, well, let me say, you deceive yourself.


Some babies learn to swim even before they are one year old.

He is as clever as any of his classmates.

He had to comply with her decision.

When are you planning to get married?

It's hot, so you'd better head back quickly. Mackerel goes off so fast that they coined 'fresh-looking rotten fish'.


They discussed the subject of the offender of the meaning of life.

Sandip is in the witness chair.

There are turtles that are more than two centuries old.

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I could never hurt them.


His eyes are like emeralds.

I knew you weren't really dead.

Maybe you can persuade Slartibartfast not to leave.

I drink water.

When do you use it?

I never had to order Francis to do anything.

That's my concern.

I'm listening to the radio.

Pilot hated Boston.


Marguerite warned Mike not to be late.

"Do you speak French?" "Not very well."

That's not a real word.


Mitchell liked Matti.

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Let's start over.

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I'll go back to work tomorrow.

Anyway, you're my friend.

Three died. Thirteen others were wounded.

Give it up for her.

That's my doll.

Vadim said that he didn't want to eat anything.

She's bad.

Rich talks about Mickey almost all the time.

You were with Rhonda yesterday, weren't you?

I should've checked my schedule.

I'd like to talk to the doctor alone for a moment.

I will get to the foot of the hill before dawn.

Neither of them seem to be aware of what has happened.

Who's your favorite hip-hop artist?

He ought to be punished if he commits a crime.

I've found a better way.

There don't say it it's forbiden, but it's mandatory.

There's a secret passage in Eileen's house.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

Heinz will wait for us, won't he?

He cannot be older than I.

I remembered one.

According to the paper, it will snow tomorrow.

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A special tax is imposed on very high incomes.

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I promise not to tell them.

Please put your seal here.

I've learned to think like Floria thinks.

It's priceless.

Anne died of a heart attack.

Tigger won't do it anymore.

Your favorite singer is Whitney Houston, right?


Isn't it interesting?

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Do you not want to go dancing?

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How long are you going to be down there for?

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That would've been simple.

This is a horrible tragedy.

It was quite fascinating to see how these men were surviving.

Elizabeth sleeps on a cot.

This type of mobile phone sells well.

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Pratt didn't anticipate that happening.

We're none the wiser for it.

The strange noise only lasted for about thirty seconds.


You're going to be a good father.


It's a ten minute walk to the station.


Have you ever gone to Paris?


Sean will have an answer by tomorrow.


You were just here last week.

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She's used to getting up early.

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He doesn't work as hard as he used to.

Who knows so far?

He concentrated his attention on what she said.


Who's your favorite British author?

"Paul is sick in bed today." "That's too bad."

I'm sure Owen knows what to do.

We know the city well.

He cheated on me.


I miss you all the time.

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Pick up the towel, a storm is coming.

Tareq is doing all right.

Would you like soup or salad as a side dish?


On my own responsibility, I will go on with this plan.

We are like brothers.

Are you coming to the party tonight?

Kory might never speak to me again.

It was only a suggestion, not an order.

It must have taken years for such a task!

I have something personal to tell you after the dinner.


I am very interested in soccer.