I just want to ask you a few questions.

I would rather stay at home than go out for a walk.


Another bus will be here soon.


There are minor differences.

The latter half of the drama was a little dull.

We are faced with many difficulties.

We don't hate them anymore.

When it came to the crunch, Marshall couldn't bring himself to testify against Suzan.

It's his Christmas present.

Maybe it's not a good idea.

He cannot be ill.

Norman shouldn't be doing that.

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There are no hidden service charges.

Someone needs to talk to Darrell about what happened.

Caroline really didn't know what to do.

Could you take care of my dog for a while?

Is this clock working?

Let's all play together.

We came upon them in New York.

He lost his balance and fell off the ladder.

I grasped the entire structure of his argument.


My business trip was canceled.

I'm not able to translate this sentence.

I heard that Jagath wants to swim this afternoon.

She's too old for you.

I have to sweep my room.

Men lick their lips when they look at her.

Are we lost?

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She asked him to give her some money so she could go to a restaurant with her friends.

Whom do yo suggest I should ask?

I wasn't hungry.

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It was not long before Mr Yamazaki recovered.

The economy recorded a negative growth.

It rests on your decision.

Do you know how to dive?

I have my own way of solving it.

Konrad Adenauer was the first chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Some time passed, but I didn't get her return letter.

They're at home.

It seems that he likes collecting stamps.

I don't want to interrupt Erik.

He did not have much time to work on his speech.

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Their problems are sometimes so weird.

There are so many people in the world who are incapable of outgrowing the level of their stomach!

Michel didn't know how to answer Delbert's question.

Nobody bought it.

No mountain in Japan is so high as Mt. Fuji.

She gave money.

The evidence is questionable.


This potion is made from mandrake roots, as well as other secret ingredients.

Do your best.

Mr. Smith established this school forty years ago.

I told you Erik wasn't busy.

The church was built in the fifteenth century.

Lynn shut the car door.

I'm sorry that I couldn't do anything to help.

We can't trust them now.

As is often the case with him, he was late for class today.

Decorated with blue and yellow strips, the tie was very unfashionable.

Do you want to see my scar?

I'm glad that you want to support this project.

It's Germany's highest mountain.

I can't imagine that it's true.

Tuan often drives slightly over the speed limit.

I feel for what you're going through.

Roxana and all his friends can easily afford to buy new cars every year.

We've practiced long enough.

Stuart is a bit small for his age.

Which team will win?

How long did you work for them?


How could we have been so stupid?

I've got a lot to make up for.

I can't afford to rent a house like this in Tokyo.

Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it.

But probably I'll be the last, which is a pity.

That was one of our problems.

I cannot add a sentence like this to Tatoeba.

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Shane was absent from the meeting.


Oh, no. I broke a string in my racket.

He tried his best, but in the end he was defeated.

We don't know how to find them.

We were compelled to stay at home on account of the storm.

I was hoping that you might know.

He extended his right arm.

I'm not sure where Howard is.

Trusting yourself is the key to success.

I didn't expect a job offer.

We will set our watch by Japan Time.

That restaurant usually serves good food at lower prices.

Marie refused my offer to help him.

It is late.


Kemal won't give us any more trouble.

I thought you didn't know Cindy.

That was three days ago.

She has never had a bad experience.

We only have secondhand information of the coup.

The dollar was devalued against the Japanese currency from 360 yen to 308 yen.

Even a child is supposed to have reason.

I told you Randal was a loser.

Look at the cloud over there.


Audrey has a terrible crush on Skip.

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Children need to play.

I'm meeting Emil for breakfast.

Harry didn't seem to be upset.

I have been learning to drive.

Bill is the underdog.

Mother told me not to keep company with him.

When will you come back to Italy?

It was prudent of you to save money.

That's Vince's answer for everything.

As soon as he sat down, he picked up the telephone.

My eyes popped out when I looked at my phone bill this month.

He's misunderstood because of his vulgar language.

What a lovely couple!

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I'm sure going to miss them.

You're qualified.

You shouldn't believe everything Marco tells you.

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Eddy told his parents that he had no homework.

My friend sent me a link to this video.

Mother has gone shopping.

Roxanne didn't sound like he was kidding.

Trains stopped in consequence of the heavy rain.

We must promote commerce with neighboring countries.

Dozens of letters are awaiting you.

You'll never too careful crossing a street.

Is John your name?

Larry has been on the wanted list for three years.

We were working together.

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I'm just a little curious.


We asked our teacher: "Where will the wedding be held?"

We should leave at once.

Is Tony there?

Everything is so strange.

How can I become rich?

Come and see me the day after tomorrow.

Shankar left at four in the morning.

The resources of the earth are limited.

Rand died of old age.

Let me just give you this and then leave.

I'm not going to stay here with you.


I wish you nothing but happiness.

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Sonny isn't taller than me.


This is the opposite of what I expected.

What did he do today?

What wine goes well with Brie?


She knows she is wrong, it's just that she doesn't want to admit it.


I love you beyond measure.


I love eating melons.


Oleg fired the pistol three times.

I don't know what her name is.

Marie is my best friend.

April Fool's!

I think that we've crossed the point of no return.

Tell Sekar that I'm sick.

Are you upset that you weren't invited to Indra's party?

Sue read the note.

She grew up to be a slim girl.


I think Brandon would like to hear about this.


Stop me if you can.


I was annoyed that she was still asleep.

I have to find out what's going to happen.

I'm taking care of it. You can relax, you can rely on me.


Please don't run down the stairs.

There's a good chance that he'll be chosen.

It was quite fantastic.


My father made me wash the car.

Kelvin pretty much keeps to himself.

I wasn't the one driving the car.

Audrey suggested that we surprise you.

It was easy for me to find water.