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"Assisting families and individuals of Delaware County in a collaborative effort by providing personal emergency assistance with dignity and respect in their time of need."

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Your donation will help to provide emergency assistance to individuals and families in Delaware County who need food, medications, school shoes/supplies and assistance with rent and utilities.

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Hunger in Delaware County

People In Need has been working with the Mid Ohio Foodbank and many other organizations on a series of meetings to look at and address the issue of hunger in Delaware County.  As a part of that effort, a number of PIN clients agreed to tell their stories on tape.  The attached video was produced to put real faces and real stories to the issue that PIN deals with every day.  It is a powerful presentation  that helps to explain better than any statistic or figure why we do what we do and why your help is so critical.




People In Need, Inc. is a  United Way Agency, a member of the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, participates in the Delaware County Hunger Alliance, and receives support from the Council For Older Adults of Delaware County.   We are also members of the Delaware Area and Powell Chambers of Commerce.  Connect to our partners by selecting the links below.

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