Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SkyDrive try

My experience with SkyDrive has been a drastic failure so far. I've been trying to put my toe in the water by moving a folder of IT reference articles, presentations, and policy docs that I've carried around for 10+ years up to the SkyDrive. Figured my access was usually 10% editing (or less) and 90% reading, so this would let me get used to having the files in the cloud without having synch be a major concern.

Of course, I'm too impatient to upload the files/folders through the web interface, so i immediately set out to get Windows file system access, and use a sync tool to at least push the files one-way.

It appears to be possible to Map a network drive (How to Map SkyDrive as a Network Drive), using a CodePlex project - SkyDrive Simple Viewer to nav your SkyDrive. Started by doing a Window Copy-Paste, of course it's dreadfully slow and errors out on Visio diagram, among other file types i didn't take note of.

So, on to using SyncToy to copy the files up - at least it will run unobtrusively, and I can review which files were exceptions. SyncToy 2.0 fails immediately upon running the sync, so i look into it... SyncToy 2.1 is out - i had never needed to upgrade... it doesn't fail right away... but every. file. failed. "Exception during run: The FileSyncProvider received an unexpected error while applying a synchronized change. Creating new file {File Name}", and the sync task stops.

Will park this for now... further updates as I retrench and rethink how to attack this