Friday, April 20, 2007

Just completed some updates to Basically refreshed it with some information that had been badly out of date since my move back to Sacramento, CA last year. And adding some links back and forth to the blog.

The site turned out be over-engineered in the past, was intended to have a database of projects, technologies, etc. which would then be exposed via the web. Just got unwieldy to keep up to date. The new scheme simplifies that, and will just have all of the content in the web pages vs. making it db-driven. Definitely a case of the cobbler's kids going barefoot, as the client web sites I've built over the past 2-3 years use much new tools, more standards compliant.

Future directions will be pulling it more towards being a showcase site for techniques I'm using on client web sites (some public, some intranet)
- Updating to .net (current in classic ASP)
- Scrapping frames
- Standards compliant (i.e. XHTML, CSS, etc.)
- Updating recent project descriptions

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