Saturday, November 17, 2007

Visual FoxPro Final Version

Per the attached article, Visual FoxPro has reached its end-of-life, and will be released as open source

I hadn't actually realized it wasn't already part of the dotnet, the latest version I touched was FoxPro 6. Then 8 and 9 were out so fast, I figured they were to catch up with .net 1.0/1 and .net 2.0, respectively. In fact, Visual FoxPro is still sitting out there in COM land. My prediction is that it will take the open source route, a movement there will build a DotNet interface, with FoxPro syntax, similar in paradigm to Fujitsu's or in that sense Microsoft's J#... it will not be a port of the language, rather layering another syntax on the dot net framework. which begs the question, was it the language features or syntax and semantics that was the strength?

I used to be hard pressed to see how FoxPro's tight data integration can be duplicated in dot net. Now with reading about LINQ, it seems like that is the direction of the entire dot net line.

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