Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A great tool for mounting Disk Image (*.iso) files

A great tool for mounting Disk Image (*.iso) files so they can be accessed through the Windows file system is Virtual Clone Drive from SlySoft. While not specifically related to Virtual PC, I’ve found that as I’ve used more virtualization, it’s more common to store or move software as
ISO’s vs. ever burning to a physical CD or DVD. In a situation when you need to access those on a host (non-Virtual PC) computer, the traditional way was to burn the ISO to a CD, then run software from a CD. Virtual Clone Drive allows the ISO to be mounted.

The console is very minimal, allowing you to create up to 8 ‘drives’. Each of these shows up as a new drive letter in Windows.

On each new drive letter, simply right-click:

Choose Virtual Clone Drive ->‘Mount…’ and browse to your ISO

Plus, the drive letter has a wacky sheep icon as a conversation starter… what’s not to love?

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