Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Useful Tools

More SSIS posts are on tap.... got a few in draft mode... including some more issues with importing Excel, and some patterns for single file imports.

In the meantime, a useful tool I've been using to compare SQL Server databases - usually for rolling out changes from development to production.


Select two databases, click compare, and a list by object type will show any database objects that are on one side and not the other, or are different between the two.

Previously, I had used a tool called Database Compare from StarInix - It's free (cost), but not open source, so I started looking on CodePlex for an open source project that seemed like it could grow as SQL Server versions changed, etc. DBDiff is not very active either, so I'm keeping my eye on alternatives every once in a while.

Both tools offer alter scripts to bring one side in sync with another.

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