• Daily Crime

    We've made some
    major upgrades


    Now on the Web

    Access forecasts from anywhere


    Easier to use

    Intuitive interface

  • Predictive Analytics

    The future of crime analysis

    • Award Winning Predictive Algorithm
    • Two times more predictive than spatial hot spots
    • Fully Automated
    • Use your existing data
  • Deploy Efficiently

    Be there before trouble happens

    • Allocate patrols more effectively and reduce response times
    • Comprehensive Operating Picture for Supervisors
    • Available to front-line personnel
    • Forecast weeks ahead to facilitate strategic planning

Police Agencies


Police Agencies can use the Daily Crime Forecast to target crime in their communities.

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Security Agencies


Security Agencies can use the Daily Crime Forecast to deploy resources to high risk locations and times.

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It's Back...

And better than ever. The Daily Crime Forecast is an innovative crime prediction software that can be used by police and security agencies to target crime where and when it is likely to happen and maximize the effectiveness of their patrol resources. Using advanced technologies that efficiently scour crime data, the Daily Crime Forecast predicts where and when crime is most likely to occur. The Daily Crime Forecast has shown to be two times more predictive than using spatial hot spotting techniques.

We've made some major upgrades to the Daily Crime Forecast software to make it more usable, accessible and practical. The Daily Crime Forecast still uses its award-winning predictive algorithm but we have streamline it so you get forecasts faster, in seconds instead of minutes. Totally redeveloped as a web application, you can now access your agency's forecasts through a secure and dedicated web portal. Now whether you review the crime predictions with your team before going out on shift or while on the road, you will have the latest information to make your patrols as efficient as possible.

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