Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Enesys RS Data Extension

This product looks like a leap in using SSRS with SharePoint lists as a data source

Enesys RS Data Extension

As pointed out in Creating Reports From SharePoint Lists Using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) , it is pretty much impossible to directly query from more than one list in SSRS using the web services as a data source. Even with a single list, doing so requires some fine-tuning of the XML request, looking up a list and view guid, and the whatnot. At this point, nothing I would be prepared to hand off to the typical report analyst role.

Looks like the Enesys product makes it pretty clear to pull from a SharePoint list by name, and some features to pull from multiple lists in a query of some sort...

Also, looking at the Enesys IS data extension asserts to be able to pull from SharePoint lists directly, I've only, again, used the web services in SharePoint to pull from a single list as XML - there is a lot of hand-coding in the process.

Will be grabbing an evaluation copy soon and see how it works!

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