The best solution for production workflows
share, manage, review and approve faster and safer all your creative content
Anotate all your content
Anotating your videos and files has never been so easy and precise!

Add global, sequence, picture or area comments directly to your videos.

All of your comments are added to a precise and readable timecode for technical operators.

Share your files safely
All the content you add to YouScreenIt is made to be shared!

Choose the members you wish to invite to each of your folders.

Manage those members' privileges from the beginning to the end of your projects.

All of your files accessible from anywhere
Finally a space to store all your files (videos, images, pdf, excel, zip...)!

Organize them in folders, just like on your computer to find them with ease.

Work with them from any online computer in the world by logging in.

Be a part of YouScreenIt's world People from over 100 different countries use YouScreenIt!

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