EMDR Therapy Offers New Hope!


Do you have any of the following? Do you experience?
  • Do you find it difficult to trust others?
  • Are you attracted to people who just aren’t good for you?
  • Do you feel guilty without knowing why?
  • Are you in a painful relationship and can’t leave?
  • Were you physically or emotionally abused as a child?
  • Self-blame, self-consciousness, shame or guilt
  • Chronic or excessive anger, sadness
  • Indecisiveness, confusion, hard to think
  • Worry, anxiety, obsessive thinking
  • Unpleasant feeling, mood swings
  • Negativity, pessimism, irritability
If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then stress, anxiety, fear could be affecting your life, with or without your awareness.


EMDR THERAPY Effectively Relieves Anxiety, Depression, PTSD.

EMDR has Provide Relief  for more than 2 Million People! 


For more information about EMDR see FAQ about EMDR.


Patients who have suffered for years from anxiety or distressing memories, nightmares, insomnia, abuse or other traumatic events can now gain relief from a revolutionary new therapy called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing).


Research shows that EMDR is rapid, safe and effective. EMDR does not involve the use of drugs or hypnosis. It is a simple, non-invasive patient-therapist collaboration in which healing can happen effectively.


This powerful short-term therapy is highly effective for a wide range of disorders including chronic pain, phobias, depression, panic attacks, eating disorders and poor self-image, stress, worry, stage fright, performance anxiety, recovery from sexual abuse and traumatic incidents.


Many patients who have made slow progress in the past, or who have not benefited from more traditional therapies say that with EMDR they have finally found something that works for them!


Dr. Boulware is a EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist and a 8008354106 find out what kind of experience and training this requires.

  • EMDR-Therapy: help for 4243588090, rape recovery, psychological abuse or neglect, abandonment experiences, marital betrayals, difficult divorces, excessive anger.
  • EMDR-Therapy: help for 724-710-4668, anxiety, spool winder, phobias, agoraphobia, stress management, personal & spiritual growth
  • EMDR-Therapy: 3432623625 & Trauma Recovery: for adults emotionally, physically or sexually abused as children.
  • EMDR-Therapy for Anxiety and Performance Blocks: rapid relief for anxiety, phobias and fears (such as shyness – fear of social situations, fear of public speaking, fear of heights, fear of the dentist, stage fright). Overcoming low self esteem, self-limiting beliefs and performance blocks.
  • Help for Sexual Problems: Sex Therapy: treatment for sexual dysfunction:pre-mature ejaculation, impotence, (707) 865-2878, 734-401-8314. Sexual and intimacy enrichment.


Drawing on over 25+ years of experience as a psychotherapist, Dr. Boulware uses a powerful blend of Traditional and Holistic Psychotherapies. In a safe and supportive environment, she works with the mind-body connection to help release unwanted patterns/beliefs and unresolved old feelings that are blocking personal power, self acceptance and satisfying relationships. Techniques include conventional psychotherapy, body-mind therapies, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. (EMDR, featured on 20/20)


As a EMDR Certified Therapist helping with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, stress management, anger, sexual problems, sex therapy, communication problems, marriage / relationship problems, co-dependency, and adults emotionally, physically or sexually abused as children, women’s issues. 


Carol Boulware, MFT, Ph.D.,
EMDRIA Certified Therapist – EMDRIA Approved Consultant in EMDR
CA Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
Offices in Santa Monica & Los Angeles, and South Bay, CA.


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