Wednesday, May 28, 2014

An approach to SQL Server Rough Tuning

Looking for a way to address SQL Server database performance in a production, virtualized environment?  There are many sources of expert advice from very smart people in the SQL Server world.  But often the most well-thought, well-intentioned advice is not easily or quickly implemented in a complex organization.  The reasons could be technical, political or simply availability of time and people. 

This diagram is my current approach to "rough" tuning a SQL Server: The idea that a server administrator or database administrator (DBA) can turn various knobs and flip switches to assigned scarce resources to a database server, but as a practical matter, the inner workings of a given application and database may not be changed… or at least not changed quickly. 

Example situations:
  • A third party vendor application with a proprietary schema, the application might have updates, but there are dependencies or license costs that take time.
  • An internal application has received an influx of new activity, but the development team is fully off on another high-priority project
  • A legacy application with original developers long gone; no known test environment to experiment

Took some best practices, including some selections from the guidance on the SQL Server perfmon counters of interest poster available from Dell/Quest, and added some of the basic steps available to Server administrators and Database Administrators.

Document available as a PDF

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