He is the picture of his grandfather.

I think I'm going to make a triple camomile.

The audience members reacted to the speaker with applause.

Today young people find themselves, through no fault of their own, living in a world torn by international bitterness and the threat of nuclear destruction.

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I have more money than I had last year.


She beat me at chess.

I've got nothing to hide.

The boy fell from the bridge.

You may have swelling, but don't worry about it.

Marco thinks he writes well.


Laurie stole my wallet from me.

Put your gloves on.

The wayward son has returned.

My blood froze in my veins.

That's not what this is about.

Violence isn't necessarily the best thing, but sometimes it's a solution.

This rule does not apply to the case.


He gave a vague answer.

It chanced that we were both traveling on the same train.

She's a babe.

Sorry, I can't drink alcohol.

The teacher is busy looking over our tests.

I know what Tobias is going through.

Billie knew better than to argue with Cristopher.


You just turned the radio on.

What a genius he is!

This problem comes up every day.

Early agriculturalists often show similar patterns of tooth decay to modern people.

I thought Slartibartfast would plant those flowers near the oak tree.


In modern professional tennis, winning a big tournament is considered a greater achievement than winning several smaller tournaments of the same combined value. Hence, top players typically concentrate on bigger tournaments and only play a few smaller ones in between. Consequently, top players play and win fewer matches than before. Since Ivan Lendl won 106 out of 115 matches he played in 1982, nobody won more than 90 matches in a single season, except Roger Federer, who went 92-5 in 2006.


Five plus two makes seven.


Karl was home-schooled.


I'll get one for you right away.

Nhan was a journalism student.

I will have done the work by ten o'clock.

I never went back.

I'd better go check on Granville.


I haven't seen him in a few days.


I tried to open the door with all my force.

Emil didn't find anyone who met the requirements.

We were kind of busy at the time.

Johnny needs to make an urgent telephone call.

Even they themselves refused to do it.

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My son can't count yet.

For Carole, it was Shakil who was in the wrong.

I was able to find out his address.

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I'm feeling disoriented.

The letters STEP stand for the Society for Testing English Proficiency.

This is a book on modern English usage.

A traffic policeman signals directions to drivers by waving his hands and arms.

I didn't know what to think.

I've been trying to talk to you for over a month.

Please drink the beer before it goes flat.

Markus will understand this eventually.

Nobody can stop her.


I don't like working out.

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They obeyed orders.

He need not get up so early.

You're not supposed to talk.

Hotta was working.

I just want everybody to live.

He blinked his eyes.

A pond is a little lake.

It's obvious that I spend too much time studying Chinese characters, so I ought to study other aspects of the language more.

Raanan rejected both proposals.

Just give it to him.

What position does Tanya play?


What was in the envelope?


We'll stop at the New Osaka Hotel and pick up Mr Takakura.

There is more pleasure in loving than in being loved.

The teacher fell in love with the student.

I want you to tell me what happened.

What she means is reasonable in a certain sense.


I can't believe Juergen just did that.

Price knows how to have a good time.

We're going to find out who killed Jacob.

What belongs to you is in danger when your neighbour's house is on fire.

New Year's cards provide us with the opportunity to hear from friends and relatives.

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While he was giving the speech, the sound of a gunshot could be heard.

It's hard to blame them.

I expected you home three hours ago.


No matter how rich a man is, he cannot buy love.

They didn't find us.

He is old enough to drive.

Thank you so much!

I like teaching kids.

I got Teresa to help.

Marcel and Horst don't talk to each other anymore.

Who do you think is cuter, Vince or Alice?

I don't know how to say this in Japanses

Leave it off the list.

I met a friend there.

I'd like two kilos of onions.

I'm going to leave one night earlier than I had planned to.

Hirofumi plays soccer with his friends after school almost every day.

I didn't know you wanted to work for me.

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Thousands of vehicles cross this bridge every day.

The lawyer brought up new evidence.

Man can be subdued through fear.

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Hector never forgave me for doing that.


I swear, I wouldn't date you if I was on fire and you were the last bucket of water.

The students have an excellent gym at their disposal.

Margie went to Boston yesterday.

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I don't understand.

Dawn can't give up now.

Yes. The air is very humid.

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Hubert wrote Betty's name as the cheque payee.

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The concert is over.


Would you teach me to surf?

It's backwards compatible.

We'll deal with this ourselves.

The full code is far too large to fit in an article; you can download it along with a Makefile for Linux from here.

It appeared best to remain in front.


I'm sure Beckie told you not to do that.


Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?

Oh, don't watch television.

I think Kusum can speak French, but I'm not sure.

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Unfortunately he has already left.

I voted for Ken.

I wrote it for Barrio.

The spaceship made a perfect landing.

We're just not used to it yet.

It's all right, I won't tell anybody.

Ric can't do it.


I strongly suspected that he had been lying.

I thought I'd wear a tie.

Results will be announced Monday.

Fishing often starts to go with the start of the Ayu season.

As a matter of fact, his lecture was boring.

Betty could sing better.

Do you all learn Esperanto?

They made little of my effort to make our class enjoyable.

Does this book go in any special place?

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Our country must take action against climate change.

Our teacher made us clean the room.

Cultures get extinct if languages get extinct.

I had a brilliant idea.

This coffee is so hot that I can't drink it.

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That's a question I should be asking you.

Compared to our house, his is virtually a palace.

Myron said he had better things to do.

They have lived here for ten years.

Speaking a foreign language correctly is much harder than understanding one.

Cry: tears are the heart's petals.

We need authorization.


I will be back by nine.

I hate infinite scrolling, because I strongly believe that users should have a right to choose if they want to load the next page or not.

Keep the medicine away from children.

Can you predict the future?

Please handle with care.


It was only a kiss on the cheek.


It'd be great if you could pick up some bread before you come home.

I prefer cats to dogs.

Don't get panicky.

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I love him just as he is.

The dentist pulled out my decayed tooth by force.

Why didn't you come to yesterday's party?

He can't stop me.

You're making a fool of yourself.


I'd like to discuss this with Patricio.


Tony stood up and then everybody else stood up as well.